Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Attempt to Create and Share Game Videos

In the last several months, I have been looking for a simpler, better, seamless way to share my games and self-analyses here in my blog.

With so much technology infiltrating into our lives these days, we may come to expect that posting our own chess games on our own blogs is just as simple a process as 1. Play chess using any program/site; 2. Add your in-game move comments and self-analysis notes; 3. Post/share on whichever site you want. And yet, in reality it is still not as simple as that. Yes, it just takes the three steps, but the process is not really seamless in practice.

I mostly use my mobile devices to play chess (either online on or other sites, or using the excellent chess apps that are abundantly available). And I mostly use my PC/laptop to blog, to take advantage of the larger display and the physical keyboard/mouse combo.

It's somewhat easy with the games I play on; all I need to do is copy my game PGN to their analysis board, add my move comments and save the game; then I can copy the URL that points to my saved game and paste it here.

However, that's not so true with the games I play on other sites/programs on my mobile devices; here it involves the additional burden of exporting the PGN out of the phone and onto the laptop and then importing it into to continue what I want to do.

Not that I am lazy, but I do wish there were more efficient ways--some API, for instance, or some way to automate the whole thing--to replace all this hardware and software jugglery.

Finally I hit upon an idea. Seeing how easily tutors and masters create videos of their games or tutorials on their youtube channels, I decided to try the same route right here. Rather than typing out large chunks of notes and move comments, I could just speak my thoughts out in a video while I run through my games, and then just post it here. Now I just need to a) find some apps to record my mobile and laptop screens, b) learn to effectively use them, and c) find free space to host my videos (the last I checked, blogspot didn't support video hosting).

So this is what I'm going to try over the next week or two. If it works out as expected, I shall flood my blog frequent posts!

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