Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How Are Things...?

It was early in January 2014 that I had posted "Am I Reti? (8+1 Games)". It is a fact, as may be apparent, that I have since been on a break from the game.

I had begun to take the outcome of my games very seriously, and had begun to kick myself for not being able to spend sufficient time and efforts studying, although all the while knowing well that the game is only my hobby, not my profession, and that I have a life outside of it. My love for the game seemed prepared to branch out into a strange kind of possessiveness; my desire for improvement, if not checked at once, was on the verge of turning into an obsession. The warnings came in the form of uneasiness, irritability, growing frustration, and therefore I unceremoniously took myself off from the game until further notice. In the mean time, a Sudoku a day has been keeping my brain ticking.

Yesterday I tried a game on InstantChess FB app, got the White pieces, moved the Queen pawn as if in a daze, and some good soul immediately mated me in six moves and showed me how rusty I had become.

Just for kicks I tried again today, got the Black pieces, and ended up playing very badly, though my opponent played even worse and handed me the game in the end. If I had not been so careless, I should have won on move 19.

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