Friday, March 10, 2017

Productive Year

This time the break was only from the blog, and not from the game. Over the last few months, I have been playing a few 30 min games each weekend live on with people rated roughly equal. I've also played a couple of 30 min games every day against a good mobile app by thinking down Arasan to 15% strength, which should be a range of rating slightly more challenging. Shall post at least some of those games here in coming days (Converting the pgns to repayable games on a daily basis is a hassle, since there are no apps for that, and I have to depend on

Over the last three months I've gradually and finally realised exactly what kind of games I really like to play. With that realisation came a change in my openings as White. However, with that also came a need to find comparable openings as Black, but since Black's first few moves are generally only reactive attempts at equalising, I found no satisfactory answer at my level. So I generally feel weaker when I play the Black pieces, but not if my opponents allow me a chance to gain initiative--then I happily try to capitalise.

I believe this year will be productive in terms of improvements.

Shall post those games when I'm able to convert them.

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Many thanks.
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