Friday, September 16, 2016

Need Suggestions on Training Material

This KPvK wiki article was an excellent bit of training material. It explained the complete topic clearly and logically: * this is the square of the pawn, and it can help indicate the outcome * these are the specific key squares under these specific cases, and one who controls them decides the outcome * this is the opposition, and it is thus used to achieve the said control of key squares * these are the guidelines with the king on sixth rank At the end of the article, it summed up the three conditions out of which at least two must be satisfied at all times for a win. Very effective training, a lesson I may not forget even if I wanted to. But it seems that such helpful instructions cannot be given for other types endgames. For instance, of the "Lolli Position" in the RBvR endgame study, all I could find was a 12 move long mating sequence (with Black to move): 1. ...Rd8 2.Ra2 Rb8 3.Ba6 Rb6 4.Bd3 Rc6+ 5.Bc4 Rb6 6.Rc2+ Kb1 7.Re2 Ka1 8.Re5 Rb7 (or Rb8) 9.Ra5+ Kb1 10.Bd3+ Kc1 11.Ra1+ Rb1 12.Rxb1# That's it. This is how you should play to win (and your opponents will of course oblige you if they know what's good for them). How cool is that! That throws two big hurdles in my path: a) I cannot learn anything by rote memorization; I fail to reproduce what I do not conceptually/logically grasp. b) Nor can I calculate possible variations 12 full moves deep when I look at any given position; not really sure how many players can do that, but I am sure my brain would melt and ooze out of my ears if I tried brute force calculation beyond 2.5 full moves. Now, I'm not asking for every to be worked out for me, but I need at least some definite conceptual guidelines to latch on to, so I can figure out the right moves for myself as I play. Something on the lines of: these are the key squares in this position; this is the rationale; this is what the attacker/defender should look out for; this is what the attacker/defender must prevent; this/these is/are the goal(s) of the attacker/defender; the attacker/defender must be within this distance from this/these square(s) at all times; the attacker/defender must get to this square asap... Is there a (preferably single) training resource which privides that kind of guidance in all types of endgames? If anybody knows of such training material, please give me a title or a link. Thanks in advance.

Many thanks.
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